Blowouts and Styling
40 - 60 minutes services                     $65 – $125

60-90 minutes service                          $140 - $190


Men's Haircut
30 - 60 minutes services                     $110 – $135

Woman's Haircut
45 - 90 minutes services                     $135 – $155

Child's Haircut
30 - 45 minutes services                     $75 – $80


Single Process

The application of color to the band of new growth for grey coverage. Additional cost for application to mids and ends.

90 minutes service                                  $125 – $200


Color Correction

Corrections are often a combination of various color services such as color removal, highlights, lowlights and overlays.
Often the recommended route can take multiple sessions; Critical, irreversible damage happens when attempting too much in one session.

240 minutes minimum services            $150 – $200


Creative Colors

Brights, pastels, and other unusual colors from unicorn to denim blue. Price is determined upon consultation. Price does not include pre-lightening hair.

.                                                                $50 – $200


Every service includes a bonder to ensure the maximum health and conditioning of your hair. A customized toner is applied for the perfect blonde reflect. Finish off with a silky blowout to seal in shine and show off your new look.

Mini intro

Create a beautiful halo of light that cleverly frames your most attractive features. Perfectly positioned for a natural grow-out, this diverse technique is great for little tune-ups, creating bold face frames, or “Intro Highlights” for those completely new to the World of Blonde.

120 - 150 minutes services                   $150 – $200


Perfect for existing blondes as a maintenance service, this is the subtle refresh needed to rejuvenate your look as it "Wakes up the hair." The partial highlight offers a half head of brightening foil or balayage work to create a flawless pattern and root revival.

150 - 180 minutes services                   $230 – $250


AKA hair painting. This is a free-hand technique of painting color or bleach onto the hair in a sweeping motion. The result is soft and natural looking. The grow out is so easy to maintain as there are no harsh lines of demarcation.

120 - 180 minutes services                   $260 – $435

Foliage/ Teasylights

Perfectly placed bright blonde foils. Highlights can be subtle, with thin strands that add a touch of natural sparkle, or bold for clients that want dramatic dimension. Strategic placement throughout the entire head creates "ribbons of light" that push brightness forward, as well as "pockets of depth" that provide structure and definition. Add a "Root Shadow" for even more blur and generosity during your grow-out. Because of this controlled method of lift, this technique is particularly useful for those with a dark base looking for non-brassy-lightness.

120 - 240 minutes services                   $325 – $460

Platinum Blonding

AKA the beach and tone or double process. This is a time intensive service that takes all of the hair to a solid-pale-blonde-shade. The hair and scalp are protected with oils and bonding treatments before, during, and after the application to maintain the ultimate integrity and preservation. Needless to say a healthy starting point is crucial to achieving great results.
A consultation is required to assess hair condition and eligibility. Price determined at consultation and subject to change.

300 - 720 minutes services                   $750 – $1800

Bleach & Tone Retouch

The maintenance service for “Platinum Blonding” I recommend no more than 3/4" of regrowth. Anything longer will result in gold banding and will be considered "Corrective Color" and priced as such. Occasionally the application of an oil lightener to the mids and ends of your hair is recommended for the ultimate refresh.

180 - 240 minutes services                   $250 – $325

Reverse Balayage

Depth is added back into the hair using hair color. For anyone wanting to create contrast, go darker, and/or create a rooty lived-in look.

120 - 150 minutes services                     $250 – $300


Glosses add shine to lackluster hair and can blend out grays. Toners are used to neutralize unwanted brassiness and rejuvenate dull highlights.

60 minutes service                                 $100

Shadow Root

Popular trend where root are is colored to create depth. This blurs lines of demarcation, makes blondes believable, and is also a great way to soften future regrowth.

.                                                                 $30 – $75


Condition Treatments
15 - 30 minutes services                     $60 – $70

120-180 minutes service                     $275- - $450

Makeup Application

Special Occasion Makeup                            $215

Special Occasion Airbrush Makeup            $325

Natural Beauty Makeup                                $175

Natural Beauty Airbrush Makeup                $275

Bridal Services

Bride’s Makeup                                              $350

Bride’s Airbrush Makeup                              $450

Bridal Hair                                                      $350

Destination Wedding for Hair and/or MakeUp